Black Bear Killed After Residents Leave Out Food to Take Videos of It


For instance, grizzly bears often reside in habitats far away from heavily populated areas that don’t bring a lot of human interaction, such as heavily wooded forests or lakesides.

Black bears, on the other hand, are much more tolerable to human interaction and aren’t as aggressive towards our species in the way that grizzlies are. This doesn’t mean that us humans have the right to interact with them, though.

A black bear’s tolerance towards human beings certainly doesn’t mean that we can bombard their space and interrupt their daily instinctive activities by feeding them whenever we feel like it. A black bear has recently fallen victim to this exact thing.

People may often think that they’re doing the right thing by leaving out food for a baby black bear that appears to be by itself. They will pity the “cute baby bear” and feel justified in leaving junk food on the side of the road for it to eat… this should not be the case at all. This little bear is called Huckleberry, from North Shore, Vancouver.

Due to its gentle temperament, members of the public began leaving out food for the bear to eat. But this is not a good idea.

And is, in fact, thought of as something of a death sentence for any wild bear. Because once they’re used to human food?

Black bears can quickly become reliant on these scraps and unable to fend for themselves. The North Shore Black Bear Conservation Society shared a heartbreaking post about Huckleberry.

“Huckleberry, our journey together began on July 2. You were eating scraps from an organics cart – the enclosure had been left open.” “Even though you were eating, you were very easy to move on.”

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