Black Bear Killed After Residents Leave Out Food to Take Videos of It

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The Black Bear is native to North America and is one of the continent’s smallest and most widely distributed species of bear.

The bears are popular in national parks and forested areas.

Scoggins Valley Park in Oregon is a popular home to black bears and many reside in large and secluded areas such as these. Bears have a shy and gentle nature…

Despite their size and their rather intimidating claws and teeth, bears are generally shy and gentle animals. They tend to avoid human interaction as much as possible, but with them being animals that have to search for their food, they will be easily bribed with any kind of food that a human may have to hand. So bears only look like this

… When one of us human beings is stupid enough to invade their territory and get way too close to their personal space.

Experts say that bears have something called a “critical space.” This is an area around them that they may try to defend; when something enters this space, the bear is forced to act – to either run away or become aggressive. Each species of bear has evolved strategies for survival.

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